ilke Homes shortlisted for The Spectator’s ‘Economic Disruptor of the Year’ award

ilke Homes is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted for the ‘Economic Disruptor of the Year’ award in this year’s forthcoming The Spectator Awards.

The award recognises companies who have redefined their own marketplace in terms of price, choice, accessibility or technology.

ilke Homes’ commitment to providing a fast and speedy solution to the UK’s housing shortage has helped the company become recognised as one of the industry’s leading innovators. In other words, we’re providing a high-quality, affordable and ready-to-go solution to housing families throughout the UK. Rather than stealing share from the existing market, our primary aim is to make a new and bigger pie – breaking the stranglehold on the supply of houses in the UK to bring much-needed additional supply.

While only coming into operation in 2017, ilke Homes has a longstanding housebuilding pedigree through its links with offsite manufacturer, Elliot and the UK’s leading partnership housebuilder, Keepmoat Homes.

Since our creation, we have been committed to delivering homes where there is the largest requirements? for low-rise affordable housing. By offering a variety of layout combinations, rooflines and finishes, we aim to meet a diverse array of consumer needs, at a variety of price points and tenures.

Our digital approach to design enables us to drive efficiency and quality, while delivering homes at a pace 50% faster than traditional methods.

Unlike traditional construction, offsite manufacturing allows our homes to be produced while ground work is just beginning on site. This means that homes are ready to be installed as soon as the foundations have set, wiping months off of build programmes and opening revenue streams sooner. And because the homes are delivered to site 95 per cent complete, they’re ready for residents to move in almost immediately, while a traditional home is only just gearing up for its plumbing and electrical fit-out.

The true extent of our innovative solutions was recognised by one of the UK’s leading placemaking organisations, Places for People, who we partnered with back in May in Britain’s biggest-ever permanent dwelling partnership. Together, we will build high-quality housing that is ecologically sound, affordable and quick to build.

Our joint venture will also create sustainable communities, greener living spaces and allow homebuyers the opportunity to own a home that can adapt over their lifetime.

The ‘Economic Disruptor of the Year’ award is for companies who have brought radical positive change to their sector and are capable of achieving national or international impact. At ilke Homes, we are poised to change Britain’s housing market for the better, improving quality, performance and consumer choice for all.

The winner of the award will be announced on 13th November 2019 at The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards ceremony, where the ilke team will be in attendance.

On being shortlisted for the award, Dave Sheridan, Executive Chairman at ilke Homes, commented: “It’s great to see that we’ve been shortlisted for The Spectator Awards during a year which has seen the company grow from strength to strength. At ilke Homes, we realise that when it comes to housing, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. This is why our precision engineered modules have been designed to be both customisable and sustainable -– making them a home for today and tomorrow. Since the company’s creation, it’s been incredible to witness the huge amount of recognition we’re getting from both the housebuilding sector and wider UK industry. Good luck to the ilke Homes team who have worked so hard to make this possible – let’s bring the award home!”

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