Santa came early for Hookstone Chase Primary School

Beyond just delivering high-quality, sustainable homes, we offer support within our local area.

Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to us so we like to think up different initiatives in order to support one of our fundamental values, community. From hiring local people, to supporting local schools, we are always working on extending a helping hand. That’s why, at this year’s Family Fun Day, we asked our team to donate gifts, packed into PPE shoeboxes, for local domestic abuse charity IDAC.

We were delighted by the reception we received from our staff, who were incredibly generous and provided  an abundance of toys, clothes, toiletries and more. So much, in fact, that we had plenty of items left to give.

After a little brainstorming, the team decided that the best home for the gifts were the pupils of local Hookstone Chase Primary School.

Roughly half the pupils of Hookstone Chase come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with safety and poverty a real concern for these wonderful children.

Armed with 60 shoeboxes, filled with clothes, toys, Disney blankets, electric toothbrushes, stationary and crafts, members from team ilke drove the 15 minute journey from our factory in Knaresborough, to deliver the gifts.

The headteacher, Ms Watson, was overwhelmed with our generosity and said:

“I was moved to tears at the generosity of the Ilke staff and know first hand how valuable this kindness will  be for many of our families.  Our parents work hard but life has thrown many curve balls at some of them and many of these gifts are so incredibly important. For the families without electricity, a play torch and a Disney blanket for a child scared of the dark can mean all the difference between an adventure with a flash light or a scary evening in the shadows.”

The pupils were also, as you’d expect, ecstatic, with one even telling us “it was like heaven”. These items will also be used to reward pupils through a ‘house points’ system where they will earn points for good behaviour and excellence in their schoolwork and can swap the points for various items from the boxes.

For some of the pupils, these gifts will be the only present they get this Christmas.The whole experience was wonderfully rewarding and  the headteacher went on to say that we were now considered a friend for life.

We look forward to working with her and helping the pupils of Hookstone Chase Primary School in the future.

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