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The delivery of housing through modern methods of construction (MMC) has been gaining significant momentum in the UK, with volumetric construction being by far the most advanced method over traditional approaches. The main advantage of using full volumetric construction is that most of the works take place in a controlled factory, which is better protected against material and labour shortages, quality fluctuations, weather and other site related factors.

With increased investment in the digital platforms behind our manufacturing process, we’re able to deliver homes as programmed and in a fraction of the time of traditional construction. By manufacturing homes in a controlled environment, we operate rigorous quality control systems that ensure the finish of our homes is consistently of a high standard. We’re proud to be the first modular manufacturer covered by the NHBC, the industry standard for new build homes, ensuring our homes are fully mortgageable and insurable with a range of leading providers.


ilke homes is a well-capitalised business with a rapidly growing pipeline that consists of 3,000 homes and a contracted order book of over £300 million. After being founded three years ago, we are already working alongside the UK’s largest institutional investors, developers, housing associations and councils to speed up the delivery of high-quality, sustainable housing. TDR Capital is a majority shareholder of ilke Homes, with Sun Capital, Places for People and others as minority shareholders, with backing from Homes England providing a matched equity loan facility to the business.


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