Man on forklift

Factory and process.


With a galvanised steel frame, our homes are precision-engineered along a production line in a warm, dry factory by skilled craftsmen and engineers.

Our 250,000 sq ft factory in Yorkshire has a capacity of 2,000 homes a year and is capable of producing a home from start-to-finish in just seven days, with six homes coming off the production line a day. 

Digital technology sits at the heart of our design principles and factory’s processes.


By using modelling technology such as BIM, we’re able to create digital twins of our homes, allowing for different disciplines to work seamlessly together in order to speed up the manufacturing process. In addition, the technology also allows us to generate precise estimations for the materials needed to produce one of our homes, meaning we’re able to reduce construction waste by 90 percent.

The production line.

When our homes roll off the production line, they’re loaded onto lorries and start their nationwide journeys. By delivering within a day, there’s minimal disruption to local communities and a massively reduced carbon footprint. It’s a win, win situation.

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