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The ilke Academy.


A centre of excellence.

Exciting, inspiring and state-of-the-art, the ilke Academy is the UK’s first on-site training centre. We’re offering expert, specialist knowledge to people with no experience of working in modular housing. Our goal is to educate and build careers as well as revolutionary homes.

Your partner

Partnering schools and colleges.

Through enterprise and career focus days we’ll share our skills and experience with local schools and colleges. Our inspiring, tuition based in the classroom will shape the future of our industry and change perceptions about careers in manufacturing and construction. The broader the diversity in our industry, the better the workforce.

Achieving the highest calibre.

By training a team from the ground up we’re hoping to create a stream of highly trained specialists in the Modern Methods of Construction, to guarantee a high calibre of employees that we’ve already forged a great relationship with.

Learning comprises on-the-job training based on the 70:20:10 theory. This promotes 70% of practical learning while doing the job, 20% sharing people’s skills and 10% of formal learning. Through this careful mix of learning, our students gain vital skills in engineering, manufacturing and construction, as well as plumbing, carpentry and design. It’s aimed at helping them become masters of modular housing and it works.

Our big plans for you.

The ilke Academy is a crucial part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Here’s some of our main aims.

  • To have a consistent flow of people joining the business who’ll be trained to a variety of levels. It creates a pool of highly skilled people working towards reducing the UK’s shortfall in housing, both for us and other organisations in the industry
  • To nurture relationships across the industry so we can provide work experience covering soft and practical skills as well as delivering an experiential, MMC based learning experience
  • To support training unskilled workers, welcoming people from every background. From ex-military and ex-offenders to school leavers, career switchers and re-settlement schemes, we’re more than happy to train and nurture exciting careers for all
  • To champion female employees and increase our total to 30% across every level of the organisation by December 2021
  • To train and employ 570 people at our North Yorkshire site by December 2020
  • To attract trainees from the local community, by hosting regular taster days showcasing all the skills that can be developed in the world of MMC


How we’re doing so far.

  • 251 people have passed through the ilke Academy since June 2019
  • A blended learning approach is proving hugely successful
  • We’ve developed partnerships with various female prisons, and have already recruited a number of female ex-offenders into our team
  • We’re working closely with local colleges, training students and developing a course to build on our employees’ skills.

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