Hawthorn Avenue, Hull.

Project Details.

Location: St Mary’s Road, Kent


Following our record deal with Places for People, we delivered 16 homes to the Hawthorn Avenue development while working in partnership with Keepmoat Homes and Places for People.

The client selected our 2 bedroom, 2 storey Holt style home, which is NDSS compliant and open plan on the ground floor. The style also has an integral roof with a full brick slip façade.

Hull City Council acquired the Hawthorn Avenue Phase C land parcel (Boomerang) as part of their ongoing regeneration programme in the Newington and St Andrews (NaSA) area of the city. They cleared the former factory site and Keepmoat Homes developed it using ilke Homes as the Registered Provider partner for Places for People. The development successfully created desperately needed affordable housing for the region.


Site constraints.

The site was located within a high-density residential area and was adjacent to a railway line.

Permission from Network Rail.

With two just weeks to go, the client didn’t have an agreement from Network Rail to start the works on the site adjacent to their Hull line.


Our role.

Our team worked closely with all departments of the Keepmoat YE division. We guided them through the construction process from the initial assessment of the site, planning submission and engineering design, to the installation and even covered the handover process.


Our solution.

Met specification.

We delivered our superb homes onsite and on time.

Externally, the homes have a light gauge steel frame that’s highly insulated. Showcasing a contemporary design they’re finished with a Tivoli brick slip and charcoal grey roof slate with large minimalist slate grey windows.

Internally, they all feature fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, with vinyl flooring to the kitchen, dining and wet areas. Each home is delivered fully decorated throughout.

Standard specification.

The homes were designed and built using our standard specification which includes: 

  • 2.51m ceiling
  • Large open plan kitchen/dining room/living space with downstairs WC and plenty of storage space
  • Wide French doors with side windows, leading onto a rear garden
  • Two large double bedrooms
  • Family bathroom and additional storage space

A big part of our design ethos is to create homes with very low or no ongoing maintenance needs. For instance, to ensure great air quality indoors, we use a system three ventilation solution. It provides continuous mechanical extraction from a single central fan. This eliminates replacing the filter and reduces noise pollution.

Accurate costings.

Our manufacturing process means we can be highly accurate in costing labour and materials. It’s a benefit that traditional construction can’t offer. Clients appreciate this, as our reliable fixed prices can be built into a simple JCT contract. What’s more, the homes are lighter than a traditional construction, which reduces foundation requirements, speeds up installation and delivers great cost savings.


Manufactured within 12 weeks.

It takes just 12 weeks to manufacture a home.  And while we worked offsite, the ground works were being completed on site. The delivery, installation and completion of the modules on site took just four months. Much quicker than traditional builds. Even though we installed our home during the winter months, the weather caused minimal disruption. In total, just two days were lost due to high winds restricting crane installation.


Communication with Network Rail.

To move working with Network Rail along and meet our agreed timeline we needed a rethink. We decided to use a bigger crane for the modules and add more bracing to support it, which reduced risks. With a risk assessment in place Network Rail were onboard and provided an engineer to supervise on site. This step forward kept our construction time right on schedule.

Minimal disruption.

Once foundations had been prepared, we craned the modules into position, connected the services and sealed the brick slip mid-band and roof joint. This made completing the development incredibly fast, a great benefit for surrounding residents.


By massively reducing deliveries and building activity onsite, we vastly reduce local air pollution, dust and noise, as well as reducing parking issues and traffic. Keepmoat Homes were happy to receive no complaints throughout the development.

Health and safety.

Our time onsite was incident free. Because we crane homes into position in a controlled manner there’s no need for scaffolding. This combined with limited work at height greatly reduces health and safety risks.


Offsite technology made a huge difference to the successful delivery of this development.

It ensured accurate costings, speedy installation and minimised disruption to the local community, particularly those neighbouring the site.


All 16 homes gained a B energy efficiency rating. That’s because we use high performance building fabric. It exceeds building regulations due to its airtight, super-insulated and thermal bridge free design. As a result, these homes will have vastly lower running costs than new build homes.

When it comes to water consumption, our homes outperform building regulations again, by 28.8%, operating at 78.32 litres per person, per day. This falls under the 80 litre per person, per day threshold required of Level 6, of the Code for Sustainable Homes. By achieving such high standards, our homes can reduce long-term running costs, address fuel poverty and help with the socio-economic regeneration of the wider area.


Lower carbon emissions.

An independent review analysing ilke Homes embodied carbon shows that our standard home creates 12.4% less carbon over a 60 year lifecycle. It’s all down to the lightweight design of our homes which positively impacts on transporting them. Plus, recycling and waste management at our factory has reduced landfill by 98.72%.

“Places for People is happy to confirm that this project has been delivered to time and budget. Project management was excellent with good client communication and expectations met. The surrounding residents were kept informed to minimise disruption and the homes have proved to be very popular with our customers. Demand for the properties pre-letting was high and there is a high level of satisfaction with the quality, design and space of their new homes.” Nilam Buchanan, Head of Development Places for People


Yorkshire & Humber Offsite Construction Awards – Constructing Excellence Winner

Our awards.

  • Best use of Volumetric Technology
  • Building Innovation award
  • Inside Housing Award
  • Best Use of Hybrid Technology Award
  • British Homes Award - Winner 2018

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