Frequently asked questions

ilke Homes offers an offsite, low rise, medium density housing range, delivering two and three storey terrace or semi-detached homes and flats for all forms of sale and rent. Homes can be installed at a rate of up to six homes per crane per day, with only minor finishing details to complete on site.

Our House Type Portfolio includes eight house types for open market sale as well as seven NDSS (Nationally Described Space Standard) and M4-2 (Category two – Accessibility & Adaptable Dwellings) compliant house types.

Our standard units are delivered to site fully finished internally and externally. We have a wide range of options available which can be found in our 2018 House Type Portfolio and are happy to discuss the specification with clients.

Our homes are mortgageable and we are continually working with all the major lenders and insurance providers to improve the choice available. They are covered by a two-year fixtures and fittings warranty as standard. They are also covered by the industry standard 10 year NHBC build mark warranty or Building for Life Plans which is accepted by all major lenders.

A number of different house types and internal layouts are available to suit a range of sites from small infill sites to large developments that meet different tenures and standards. Our homes can also be further modified to suit client and local planning needs.

Our homes can also be upgraded to meet zero carbon standard.

Our homes can be clad with render, brick slips, or cladding board options to create 'bespoke' façades to suit the local vernacular, while roof modules have been designed to offer significant variety.

Our homes have a very high performing building fabric which exceeds building regulations by 20% as standard due to the air tight, super-insulated and thermal bridge free design.
Acoustic testing has also shown that the superior detailing and manufacturing of ilke Homes means they exceed building regulations standards.

All ilke Homes will have significantly lower running costs than comparable existing homes and due to the high-performance envelope with factory built quality control.

Our homes are more energy efficient than a standard traditional new build home built to English regulation standards, with lower heating bills and less sound transmission. Our homes can, therefore, enhance viability over traditionally constructed schemes through reduced preliminary costs, enhanced grant and cost certainty. Becuase of the precision-engineering and controlled conditions for construction in which they are built, they are right first time, and every time so there should be fewer snags that can sometimes be an issue on traditionally built homes.

Our homes are installed at a rate of up to six homes per day per crane. Groundworks can also be faster using steel driven piles on appropriate sites. A typical 50-unit ilke Homes site will be completed six months earlier than traditional build.

The first factory in Knaresborough has the capacity to produce 2,000 homes per year.

Our modular factory design enables us to rapidly scale up our production, additional capacity can be added to meet demand.