Primary Responsibilities:

To assist the Land Department in the investigation and acquisition of development sites:

  • To ensure that full and accurate technical appraisals and abnormal costings of potential development land are provided within the required timescales.
  • To ensure that the most cost-effective options for developing the land are recommended and that each site can be properly serviced and constructed upon.
  • Assist with land acquisitions and Planning Appeals including strategic technical studies, negotiating with statutory Authorities, instructing Consultants and obtaining/vetting their reports.
  • To ensure that detailed technical investigation, design, optimisation is secured and that proper liaison is maintained with statutory authorities, and that all necessary documentation and drawings are produced to enable contracts to be let and a site to be developed by the Construction Department.

To be responsible for the preparation of detailed construction drawings, the negotiation and securing of technical and statutory approvals, including: 

  • The co-ordination and production of all necessary technical drawings/specialised designs.
  • Making recommendations for cost effective optimising during the pre-planning process.
  • The negotiation and completion of appropriate legal agreements with statutory Authorities necessary for the proper technical requirements of a site.

To be responsible for identifying and resolving technical design and construction problems, including: 

  • Being responsible for collating and providing feed-back to the Technical Director in respect of technical design matters.
  • Maintaining a general awareness of current material and construction research and making recommendations or give warnings as appropriate.

To assist in the supervision and administration of the Group Technical function particularly by: 

  • Ensuring the proper management of the region’s workload including the supervision of Assistant Technical Managers and by the employment and supervision of outside Consultants, as approved by the Technical Director.
  • Ensuring all technical work is carried out within the approved budgets.

To be responsible for other duties associated with the above, being: 

  • Supporting technical factory visits if required.
  • Maintaining positive working relationships with Local Authority, NHBC and Service Warranty Officers.
  • Assisting as required in general public relations and promotion of the good name of the Company with external bodies.
  • Assisting in general Company technical design matters including involvement in the production of standard Company drawings as, from time to time, may be directed by the Technical Director.
  • Representing the Company as required by attending meetings where technical issues are to be discussed.

Qualifications & Training: 

  • Construction related degree or diploma (desirable but not essential).
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office suite and MS Project.
  • Valid UK driving licence.


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in similar role.
  • Experience in managing people and successfully meeting targets.

Qualities & Attitude: 

  • Positive, self-motivated and able to work effectively without close supervision.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Ability to monitor and check works or information and plan time and resources efficiently even under the pressure of multiple demands.
  • Able to build good relationships at all levels, externally & internally.



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