Our Impact.

ESG Strategy.

Features of ZERO carbon living.

ilke Homes can deliver net zero carbon living in our homes through the high performing external building fabric, water efficiency and LED lighting found in all our homes, in combination with, the introduction of a highly efficient air source heat pump and solar PV panels. Smart metering and controls can be used to better understand and optimise your comfort and energy use. Integrated electric vehicle charging points enable customers to complete their journey to an “all electric”, more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Homes.

Water performance.

Our homes outperform building regulations regarding water consumption by up to 28.%. Through operating at 78.32 litres per person per day as standard, estimated to operate at as low as under 80 litres per person per day required by Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Fabric performance.

ilke houses have high-performance building fabric. This exceeds current building regulations by 20% as standard, due to the air-tight, superinsulated, and thermal-bridge-free design. This fabric performance is expected to already exceed the proposed Future Homes Standards. As a result, we estimate that our homes will have lower running costs than comparable new builds and can be heated for as little as £1 per day.

Energy and carbon emissions performance.

Our enhanced building fabric enables our homes to exceed building regulations CO2 emission targets by around 10% as standard. Through the introduction of modest enhancements such as roof-integrated photovoltaic solar panels, we are able to achieve carbon emissions performance Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 and the current UK definition of zero-carbon homes. We also have simple upgrade solutions now, which will meet the proposed 2025 Future Homes Standards.

Fossil fuel free living.

With the use of air-source heat pumps, electric cooking and integrating electric vehicle chargers in our homes, we can enable people to ultimately live “Fossil Fuel Free”. As the grid continues to decarbonise, our occupant’s carbon footprints will continue to fall.

Embodied carbon.

An independently reviewed analysis of the embodied carbon of our homes shows, that our standard home uses 12.4% less carbon over a 60-year life-cycle and 11.9% less over a 100-year life-cycle. Through the use of infinitely recyclable galvanised steel frames, an ilke home is significantly lighter than a traditional home leading to smaller foundations. Enhanced waste management, including closed-loop recycling, also reduces the embodied footprint of ilke homes compared to traditional construction.

Climate resilience.

ilke manufactures homes using galvanised steel frame which resists corroding, moulding and bowing, making it more durable and quicker to reinstate in the event of a flood. ilke Homes have also undertaken overheating analysis against predicted future climate change scenarios to understand the solutions available to occupants to lower summertime temperatures without requiring air conditioning.

Our factory and process.

Minimising impacts at development sites.

Offsite manufacturing in comparison to traditional construction methods, reduces site deliveries significantly, improving the impact of local air pollution. General site construction traffic is reduced, minimising noise and dust nuisance, as well as improving general safety. Once the site and foundations have been prepared the fully factory assembled modules (2 modules per 81m2 house) are craned into position, 6 homes per day can be installed and then all that is left to complete on site is the service connections, a row of brick slips and the joints at the stairs. The houses are then commissioned and tested, finally, any infrastructure/landscaping is completed on site. A typical ilke Homes build programme for 100 dwellings can save 55 weeks on site, in comparison to a traditional build programme.


Through the optimisation of material usage and precision engineering, the factory currently operates at 4% waste by value with plans to decrease this further to 2%. In partnership with accredited waste removal services, 99.4% of the waste generated from the factory is diverted away from landfill and recycled.


ilke Homes uses a galvanised steel frame in the construction of all its homes. The steel frame can be recycled and re-used at the end of the home’s life, although the structural frame is expected to last 250 years and the homes are the first to carry a 100-year structural assurance. Water used to create the steel is recycled and our innovative offsite manufacturing processes are significantly less water-intensive than traditional building techniques. All wood used in the construction of each ilke home is sustainably sourced and is FSC certified as standard.

Our development.