The Challenge

Britain’s housing crisis and the global climate emergency are the UK’s biggest challenges of the 21st century. Buildings currently account for 40% of carbon emissions in the UK and 60% of all waste.

In order to meet climate targets, and stop adding to the huge retrofit challenge, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), has given the construction industry just ten years to make all new buildings, not just homes, Zero Carbon.

Zero Carbon Housing

Here at ilke Homes, all our homes already exceed regulations as standard, are expected to meet the significant uplift scheduled for 2022, and we have already shown we can exceed those planned for 2025, because Zero Carbon Housing is in our DNA.

The first homes we ever designed and built delivered Zero Carbon energy performance, by integrating our high-performance building fabric and eliminating fossil fuel dependency.

The homes we installed in 2020 in Greenwich, London were the first to satisfy the new London Plan’s updated Zero Carbon Homes requirements, without the need for any carbon offsetting.*

Now, following five years of pioneering R&D, including six completed Zero Carbon Housing sites**, and by listening to our customers in our ethos of continuous improvement, our designs have evolved to our next generation of Zero Carbon Homes.

* Where developers have to invest in environmental projects to counteract the remaining carbon footprint of their homes.

** London, Newcastle, Newark, Gateshead, Greenwich and Sunderland.

Our Commitment

Thanks to advances in ilke’s manufacturing processes, robotics and AI-driven design, alongside reductions in key component costs, ilke Homes is now in a position to commit to only creating Zero Carbon communities by 2030, at no extra cost to investors and housing associations, while consumers living in an ilke ZERO house are expected to pay nothing for energy, saving up to £2,000 a year on bills.

ilke Homes offers a variety of ways to work with us, depending on the preferences and needs of our clients, including:

Partnership led

  • Supply only / superstructure orders (delivery and install)
  • Turnkey construction packages
  • Strategic partners
  • Joint ventures

Development Led

  • Unconditional purchase
  • Subject to planning (conditional purchase)
  • Joint Ventures (including Turnkey and Design & Build)
  • Option agreements

Please come and talk to us about creating more beautiful, sustainable, affordable homes. We want to work with our clients, suppliers, designers and engineers and all industry stakeholders to help make this happen as fast as possible.

Work With Us

ilke Zero Technical Guide

For more details, please see our technical guide.