Our range of house types is designed to serve the needs of modern living through flexible layouts coupled with a variety of external finishes We aim for all our homes to be tenure blind so they are suitable for all types of sale or rent. Many meet the NDSS (Nationally Described Space Standard), AD M4(2) and London Housing SPG requirement.

By having a range of both traditional and contemporary external finishes available with rooflines to suit the local vernacular, they are being used alongside traditional developments as well as across entire sites.

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Quality, insurable, mortgageable homes

Our homes are mortgageable and we are continually working with all the major lenders and insurance providers to improve the choice available.  They are covered by a two-year fixtures and fittings warranty as standard.   They are also covered by the industry standard 10 year NHBC build mark warranty or Building for Life Plans which is accepted by all major lenders.

Our homes have low running costs for the people who live in them. They typically cost 20% less to heat than traditionally built brand new properties and half the cost to heat than that of an average UK home.*

Our homes are quality assured and NHBC approved. As well as undergoing quality controls in the factory, they have also undergone rigorous reviews under the Building Off-site Property Assurance Scheme, which included process and quality reviews by Lloyds register and 60-year durability and maintenance assessments by Building for Life

See below for examples of our most popular products and contact us to find out more.

*Energy efficiency, running and heating costs, and soundproofing comparisons are based on independent calculations and testing of ilke Homes against new homes built to 2018 English Building Regulations

brick slip examples

Buff Multi Stock
Light Red Multi Stock
Cannon Blue
Red Multi Waterstruck