Why ilke Homes

Quality, energy efficient homes, every time

We are ilke homes and we are building better homes, in a better way.  We manufacture modular homes in large numbers in the UK.  Our first factory can build up to 2,000 homes a year.

We help local authorities, house builders and developers increase the consistent quality and speed at which new homes are delivered onto development sites, whatever the weather.

Due to the variety of combinations of finishes, rooflines and layouts available, our products are used for small infill sites through to entire sites and are also used regularly alongside traditionally built homes both on new developments and established streets.   Our customers include; Places for People, Engie, Newcastle City Council, Home Group and Keepmoat Homes.

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our customers include





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About us

Tackling the UK’s shortage of housing

We have a keen sense of social purpose and our mission is to build better homes and to build them in a better way.

By better, we mean consistently better quality and more energy efficient.  Our high quality and attractive homes have low running costs for the people who live in them. They typically cost 20% less to heat than traditionally built, brand new properties and half the cost to heat that than of an average UK home.*

We’re excited to be providing an innovative solution to the UK’s housing shortage as a modular homes supplier, delivering much-needed homes speedily and efficiently. Our approach is flexible and supplements traditional construction.

The future of housebuilding

Our method is not reliant on increasingly hard-to-find construction skills. Our homes are expertly manufactured by our own staff, trained by us at our factory. Our first factory is now fully operational and we aim to create more than 800 new jobs in manufacturing and jobs in construction plus office-based roles to support manufacturing jobs in Yorkshire.

We look forward to contributing to volume home-building in the UK and bringing new types of jobs to the construction industry.

*Energy efficiency, running and heating costs, and soundproofing comparisons are based on independent calculations and testing of ilke Homes against new homes built to 2018 English Building Regulations.

How do I find out more?

We get lots of questions about how we build and install our homes. For more information see our FAQs below.